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Support Chorus Angelorum

Unlike many organizations, COVID-19 is the reason this ensemble exists. When we formed and began work on our first online event, allowing listeners to stay connected to the music without having to leave their homes, funding was the last thing on our minds. As we formed with the intention of providing strictly online services for the year 2020, it was difficult to raise money; there could be no in person donations. We were thrilled to create virtual content that brought choral music to our community once again, however, we are still feeling the affects of funding the online events with minimal financial support.

With health and safety as a top priority, our organization invested in rigorous new safety equipment and protocols for every musician prior to each concert recording. Additionally, to raise money for this equipment and our online events, we utilized an online donation site, often only raising the bare minimum needed to cover music and streaming license costs. Most of the vocalists volunteered to donate their time and talents to allow us the extra funds to give a small gift to the church that donated their space for our use.

Your support of our organization, our music, and our community means more than ever before. In order for this choral community we have built to continue to survive and flourish, we need your support today. Every dollar works to raise our voices higher. Please help ensure that Chorus Angelorum is here to stay!

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